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Why Advertise With Us?

Research shows the 25 – 54 year old Country Giant audience continues to be the fastest growing segment of the nation’s population. This is a very desirable market of consumers at the peak of their earning years. They own homes, multiple vehicles, and make major purchases.

The Country tGiant offers a mix of legendary songs, from legendary artists to create a distinctive Country sound, we never play any of the mainstream country, we keep it true to country’s roots! This ensures listener recall and long listening time.

We book only 10 minutes of commercial inventory per hour – at a rate that is attractive to advertisers both local agency.

The Country Giant has a history of direct response success in the categories of retail, health and beauty, clinical studies, and automotive.

We are a strong supporter in the local community, participating in fundraising events with various non-profit organizations such as: the American Cancer Society, Bear Foundation, Boy Scouts of America, and numerous other organizations.

Advantages of Radio Advertising

There are several advantages when choosing to advertise on radio:

• Low Cost
Compared to television, magazines, and newspaper, radio advertising delivers actual impressions against qualified audiences at very, very low costs, typically between $3 & $5 per 1000 listeners.

• Immediacy
Advertisers get their message on the radio very quickly. Updates and changes can be made during the air schedule.

• Flexibility
Advertisers can reach listeners many times a day, choosing the times when they are most likely to reach potential customers and inform them of their product or service.

• Mobility
Radio is extremely mobile. It follows the listener from room to room, rides in the car, even follows workers at their place of business. There  are few places it cannot go.

• Radio is a proven, effective medium in targeting the consumer.

• The most unique aspect of classic country radio stations is the time spent listening.

• The Classic Country listener often listens to the radio all day.

• Radio is a very effective medium to reach consumers because it has been found that they tend to listen all day.

• Classic Country listeners are of the baby boomer generation, often a demographic with a more disposable income.

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